You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.”-Anonymous



Every individual has an identity that differentiates him or her from the rest of the world. The way a person thinks, feels and reacts to a certain situation gives the person his/her identity. It is a person’s individualism that attracts other individuals towards him/her and that is how we form a social bond.


When we think of a modern woman, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? Is she the one who follows all the latest fashion? the one who is always well dressed, well updated about all the latest fashion trends and incorporates them in her lifestyle? Well, according to me, a modern woman is one whose way of looking at life is modern, whether it is her own life or the life of others. A modern woman lets her mind wander, but she knows just where to stop. She leads a carefree life but at the same time is sensitive not to hurt others. A modern woman’s mind is liberated and free of any pre-conceived notions. She is confident, fearless and has a voice to her opinions. While she follows, the rules set by the society but she does not conform to those rules which she believes to be wrong. She has a voice to speak up for the things she believes to be wrong, yet she is not irrational in her approach. She might lead a conventional lifestyle with a modern outlook or an unconventional lifestyle with the same. 


The norms of the society have always been a notch stringent for a woman and as such a woman has always been dared to be fearless. The modern woman has come a long way and she still has a long way to go.  A modern woman may be opinionated but she doesn’t disrespect others’ opinions. I believe most modern women are bohemian at heart. By the term ‘bohemian’ I do not just mean a wanderer or a vagabond. Bohemian here means fearless, untamed, the one who lives her life on her own terms.


While we talk about the modern woman, bohemianism and the outlook and thought process of these women, we completely cannot ignore the fashion statement of these women or how these women present themselves. By fashion here, I do not entirely mean clothes and accessories. Rather, the confidence of the woman to carry whatever she wears and teams up. The modern independent woman may team up her mother’s traditional Kantha Stitch saree with a Madhu Bani pendant and earring set, which is a hand-painted Madhu Bani traditional art on polymer clay. She might also combine her grandmother’s Muslin Dhakai saree with the Afghan Banjara Chandbalis and create an extraordinary look with just a touch of deep black kohl with it and accentuate her entire personality and enhance her presence in a gathering. She might also team up a simple self-embroidered Lucknow chikan kurti with a pair of her most comfortable jeans and an oxidised jhumka.


A modern woman need not look modern, neither does the bohemian woman need a boho look. Our free mind is our actual style statement. A sleeveless white Jawahar jacket neck short kurta paired with a light blue jeans and a lemon yellow stole beautifully embroidered with the traditional kantha stitch, creates an exquisite look that portrays the confident woman in you. We can identify ourselves with the modern woman, the bohemian lifestyle in some way or the other. We may not agree with each other and we create our own style statements. Yet we respect every alternative views and opinions. We are different and in that sense, are unique. My advice to all the lovely ladies reading this blog will be: Be the woman that you want to be, choose your life, create your style statement, live the life you always wanted to live. You never know who might be inspired to make necessary changes in their lives, seeing the life you are leading. You may not agree to the style statements that I mentioned here and therein lies your uniqueness. Be free, be happy.

Author: Ananya Mukherjee


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