About us


Bohemianism is a way of life. They say it is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle. Bohemians are wanderers, adventurers or vagabonds. Aren't we all? 'O Bohemian' is a lifestyle boutique for all those bohemians at heart. O Bohemian’s colourful and vibrant assortment of artsy accessories, stoles, handbags, clutches, dupattas, and jewelleries are a lovely blend of boho, folk, and indie cultures. O Bohemian works in close collaboration with artisans from all over India. Most of the products are intricately handmade, handpainted or handwoven by artisans. The creations are distinctive yet conforming, vintage yet contemporary. Every piece of our design conveys a certain warmth and familiarity. With O Bohemian, you wear your roots while also allowing yourself to portray to the world your desire to drift away . With O Bohemian, it’s a statement you make. O Bohemian makes you stand out. O Bohemian gives that creative turn to your life.

We are happy to introduce our range of T-shirts and merchandise as a new addition to our store. We hope that you will love these vibrant and quirky new products , because we are simply in love with them :-)